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Established in 1894, the Oregon Area Fire/EMS District (OAFED) in Wisconsin has been pivotal in providing fire protection and emergency medical services. The fire district encompasses the Village of Oregon, and the Townships of Dunn, Oregon, and Rutland, collectively covering 44 square miles. This area includes diverse landscapes such as urban zones, rural expanses, and a significant portion of Lake Waubesa.

The Village of Oregon, central to the district, has a population of approximately 10,000 residents. The Township of Dunn, known for its scenic landscapes, has a smaller population of around 5,000. The Oregon Township, sharing its name with the village, has about 9,000 residents. Lastly, the rural Township of Rutland, with its open spaces and agricultural land, has a population of roughly 2,000. These populations reflect the varied responsibilities and challenges faced by the OAFED in serving both denser urban areas and more spread out rural communities.

The OAFED is a combination fire and EMS department, staffed by a dedicated team, including a Full-time Fire Chief, a Full-time Division Chief of EMS, three career Captains on rotating shifts, and three career Firefighter/Paramedics also on rotating shifts. Additionally, the department relies on Paid on Premise staff (Officers, firefighters, and EMTs working shifts in the station) and Paid on Call staff (Officers, firefighters, and EMTs responding from home). The department also benefits from the assistance of Interns who live in the station for up to three years while attending school and responding to calls.

Operating from a single fire station in the Village of Oregon, the OAFED is well-equipped with two ambulances, two fire engines, one heavy rescue, one water tender, two brush trucks, a UTV, and two command vehicles to handle various incidents effectively. The fire station itself is a three-story building, with the first floor housing offices for the Fire Chief, a large briefing room, a dispatch room, and the offices of the three Career Captains. The second floor accommodates the Division Chief of EMS, a dedicated EMS training room, and offices for the three career firefighter/Medics and officer staff. The third floor contains essential living spaces including the kitchen, day room, and sleeping quarters for the staff.

This comprehensive structure enables the OAFED to efficiently respond to the needs of its diverse service area, ensuring the safety and well-being of the communities it serves.

Proudly serving the Village of Oregon and Townships of Oregon, Rutland, and Dunn
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