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Town of Rutland - Burn Permit

Ordinance Overview

This summary provides a clear overview of the Town of Rutland Burn Ordinance, highlighting the key rules and responsibilities that residents need to be aware of before engaging in any burning activities. This ordinance is designed to protect the community from air and water pollution, reduce fire hazards, and prevent nuisance conditions arising from uncontrolled or inappropriate burning practices.

Key Rules:

  1. Fire Department Notification: It's mandatory to notify the Fire Department prior to any burning within the Town of Rutland area.

  2. Responsibility for Damages and Costs: Individuals conducting the burn will be held responsible for any resulting damages and the costs of extinguishment.

  3. Burn Permit Requirement: A burn permit is required and must be obtained either by phone or in person at the Fire Station on the day of the burn.

  4. Conditions for Enclosed Fires: Fires meant for heating buildings or cooking food must be confined within an enclosure like a furnace, burner, stove, or similar apparatus to prevent escape.

  5. Guidelines for Contained Burning: Fires are permitted in a metal barrel, trash can, incinerator, or similar non-flammable container with a secure cover or heavy wire screen, under the supervision of the person who initiated it.

  6. Burning with a Permit: Burning is allowed with a permit from the Fire Department, under continuous control and attention of the permit holder until the fire is extinguished. The permit doesn’t exempt the holder from any charges for fire department services needed to manage the fire.

Wisconsin DNR Website

  • Burn permits will not be issued on days when the DNR declares the fire danger in Dane County to be high, very high, or extreme, as indicated on this link.


Please read all of the information below. If you do not understand any of the information within this page please contact the fire department directly by phone. 

Resolution #20-003

To review Resolution #20-003, click here

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