Confined Spaces/Search & Rescue

This album showcases photos from a station training conducted on April 4, 2024. The training involved both the duty crew and additional members utilizing the confined space trailer provided by Madison College. Designed for intensive training, this trailer simulates a challenging environment where firefighters navigate through extremely narrow spaces in complete darkness. They follow a fire hose to guide them to safety, encountering numerous obstacles along the way. Firefighters are fully equipped in their turnout gear and air-packs, and in some instances, may need to remove their air-packs to maneuver through particularly tight sections.

A key aspect of this training was the Search & Rescue exercise. Crews were assigned specific roles and tasked with entering the bays through a side door, equipped only with limited information about a victim trapped inside. Carrying a fully charged line, their mission was to locate and rescue the victim. Critical to this exercise was the emphasis on effective radio communication, teamwork, and interaction with the victim, all of whom were simulated to be unresponsive. The crews’ primary objective was to ensure the safe extraction of the victim from the bay.

Photography Credit: Rachel Scott

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